Making Cheese

We have been farming for over 40 years with the dream of making a farmstead cheese with our Holstein/Jersey dairy. Our dream has come true! We have built our own cheese house and even made a cave into the mountain for aging

pasturizing milk

Pasteurizing the milk


cutting to make smaller curds

A second cutting to make the curds smaller


adding in flavor

Mixing in flavor if needed


cheese setting for salt bath

Waiting to be put in a salt bath


stirring milk into cheese

Stirring the Milk


draining whey

Starting to drain the whey


packing curds into wheels

Packing the curds into wheels


salt bath

Preparing the salt bath


cutting into cheese curds

Cutting to make curds


cheese curds

Curds after the whey is drained


ron brovetto

The engineer Ron Brovetto "DAD" flipping the wheels to drain the whey


aging in cave

Aging in the on-site cave